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Terms of Condition

Terms and conditions

(only to be seen as customer information! Only the original german text counts)

1. scope

The terms and conditions apply to all performance and the entire business between the customer and the contractor (Patrik Plöger, Jan Stimberg und Tim Stimberg GbR "Far Away Souvenirs", "Far Away" in the following).

Far Away provides all services exclusively based on the following terms and conditions which are subjected to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Merchandising laws of the United Nations do not apply. By accepting our service the terms and conditions are validated.

They also apply to furthers business contracts even if they are not explicitly agreed to again.


2. Placement of orders

Customers place their order via the respective platforms of the company’s homepage, via E-Mail or by telephone


3. contract partners

The contract is entered with "Far Away Souvenirs". Address: Wiedehagen 73, 48163 Münster.

 For questions, complaints or discomfort you may contact our customer service eihter on weekdays by phone (0049-151-29197345) from 8:00am until 22:00pm or via E-Mail (


4. offers and entering the contract

4.1 The images of products of our online-shop are not a legally binding offer but an invitation to order our products. Deviations and errors of the actual product are reserved.

4.2 By clicking "Send Order" you are agreeing to a binding order of the products listed. The contract is entered when your order is confirmed by an e-mail sent by us immediately after receiving your order.


5. revocation instruction

5.1 right of revocation

You may revoke the contract within two weeks without further indication of reasons in text form (e.g letter, fax, E-Mail) or – if you receive the products before the end of the period – by sending them back. The period starts with receiving this instruction in text form but not before receiving the goods by the recipient (recurring supply of similar goods not before receipt of the first partial shipment) and also not before we fulfill our information duties according to § 312c para 2 BGB in conjunction with § 1 para 1, 2 and 4 BGB-InfoV as well as our obligations according to § 312e para 1 sentence 1 (BGB) in conjunction with § 3 BGB-InfoV. Timely dispatch of the withdrawal or the goods is sufficient to safeguard the withdrawal period. Withdrawals have to be addressed to:


Patrik Plöger und Jan Stimberg und Tim Stimberg GbR
Far Away Souvenirs 
Wiedehagen 73
48163 Münster
Telefax: 0251 / 71 80 80 6

according to paragraph 5.7 of the terms and conditions returned products have to be send to:

Far Away Souvenirs GbR 
Haus Gerwin
Westrup 3
59348 Lüdinghausen


consequences of cancellation

in case of an effective revocation mutually received services have to be returned and possible benefits refunded (e.g interest). If you return the products only partially, in a deteriorated condition or not at all you will have to ensure contemporary compensation.


This is not the case if the deterioration is caused by you examine the quality of the product like it would have been possible for you in a store. You can avoid compensation for any deterioration by using a product according to its intended usage and by refraining from using it like your own property or doing anything that might affect its value. Parcels are returned at our risk.

You will have to pay for the return if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered and if the costs of the return do not exceed 40€ given that a consideration or a contractually agreed payment was already provided for by the time of the revocation. The return is free of charge otherwise. Products which are not eligible for shipping will be picked up. Payment obligations have to be settled withing 30 days. The period starts for you on the day you send your revocation or the goods and for us on the day of receipt.

End of revocation instruction


5.2 Right of revocation will not be granted if the goods were produced especially adjusted to customers' preferences or instructions or in case of audio- and video records or any kind of software if the shipped disks are unsealed.

5.3 Please avoid damage and contamination. If possible use the original package to return goods with all equipment and packaging components. If necessary utilize extra packaging. Please provide for suitable packaging if you do not posses original packaging anymore to protect the goods from transportation damages and avoid damage compensations because of unsuitable packaging.

5.4 Please send the goods in a prepaid package and keep the deposit receipt. We are pleased to refund the costs in advance if it is not on you to bear the costs.

5.5 Please contact in advance to announce the return so you enable us to associate the shipment with you.

5.6 Please remember that the modalities explained in 5.3; 5.4 and 5.5 are no conditions for a lawful revocation.

5.7 shipment costs for revocation

If you revoke your order you will have to pay for the return if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered and if the costs of the return do not exceed 40€ given that a consideration or a contractually agreed payment was already provided for by the time of the revocation. The return is free of charge otherwise.

Please contact us in case of wrongly, partially or damaged delivery. A return will be agreed on after consultation. We will refund the transportation costs in advance and offset the costs with the bill.

Please send us all shipments prepaid.


6. prizes and shipping costs

6.1 The prizes stated on our website contain VAT and other prize components. The prizes stated on the website are binding. Exceptions are only made for special offers at promoting- or information events or during discount promotions. They are limited to a short period of time or to certain places.

Discounts for large orders are possible. They may be agreed on individually. Please contact us.

6.2 In addition ot the stated prizes we charge 5,90€ extra for delivery within Germany. The exact prizes for shipments abroad or special requests such as express-service etc are given on our website's shopping cart system and on the top screen of the order page. It will automatically select the cheapest form of shipment. (e.g. Maxi-Brief, parcel or book shipment)

6.3 If you choose to pay on delivery we will have to charge you additional 2,00€ for local delivery and extra 4,00€ for additional management efforts.

6.4 If you choose to pay via direct debit we also charge the fees of the Sparkasse Münsterland OST of 3,00€ for every failed transaction. This may happen if the wrong bank data was given to us or if your account cannot be charged.

6.5 If you choose to pay with credit card your account will be charged as soon as you hit the "Zahlungspflichtig bestellen"-button. We will not charge anything extra for payments with a credit card.


7. Shipment and delivery time

7.1 Our parcel and package shipments are delivered by Deutsche Post AG with its associate DHL or Hermes Logistik

7.2 Shipments abroad follow the terms and conditions of Deutsche Post AG or DHL. If it is required we are also able to send the bill to a German address separately. Delivery time starts with the day of written or telephonic order confirmation by the customer and will take max. 5 business day.

 In case of delivery bottlenecks or technical difficulties which will not allow us to meet the delivery time limit, the customer will receive a written notification via e-mail with a realistic delivery date. Far Away is not liable for delay or deficiency which are caused by unclear, incorrect or incomplete order placements as well as faulty, misleading or wrong formulations of the address.


8. Payment

8.1 Payment is made by either bill, payment in advance, cash on delivery or credit card

8.2 If you choose to pay in advance we will give you our bank data and ship the goods as soon as we receive the payment.

8.3 You only have a right of set-off if your claims are determined by court or undisputed or approved by us in written form.

8.4 A right of retention may only be enforced if the claims arise from the same contract.

8.5 Payment may be made within 14 days starting with the day of delivery and is stated on the bill. In case of arrears we will send you a friendly reminder without further charges. Right of further dunning including charges is reserved for FarAway GbR.


9. reservation of property

Until receiving full payment the goods remain our property.


Further information


order fulfillment

Once you have found the desired product you can put it in the shopping cart without obligations to buy it by clicking on the button [add to cart]. By clicking on the button [see shopping cart] the content of the shopping cart is displayed. Items are deleted by clicking on the button [delete], the amount of items is determined by the button [change]. If you want to buy the items in the shopping cart click on the button [checkout]. Please enter your data after wards. Mandatory sections are marked with *. The transmitted data is encrypted. After entering your data and selection of payment the website will lead you to the final ordering page where you are able to check your entries again. To finish the order click on the button [submit order]. To abort the order just close the browser-window. Each page provides further information and possibilities for you to correct your order if necessary.


content of the contract

 the content of the contract will be saved on our company's server. Terms and conditions can be found here at any time. Data related to your order and the terms and conditions will be sent to you by e-mail. To ensure data safety the order will not be accessible online anymore.

Images of our products online are not legally-binding but merely a non-committal catalog. By clicking "submit order" you are ordering the items the shopping cart contains. Confirmation and acceptation of the order is immediately sent to you by e-mail.

The contract is concluded with this e-mail.


environmental protection

note from the battery law

According to Batteriegesetz (BattG) we are obliged to point out certain information since we sell batteries and rechargeable batteries respectively devices containing these.

 Batteries or rechargeable batteries must not be disposed in household rubbish. You are lawfully obliged to return used batteries and rechargeable batteries. Used batteries may contain pollutants which may damage the environment or your health if they are not stored or disposed properly. Batteries also contain import resources like iron, zinc, manganese or nickel which can be reused. You may return the batteries to us or to a local store or local collection point.

 The levy of batteries in stores is limited to customers and customer-compliant amounts of batteries and only those used batteries which the store also sells or sold as new ones. The crossed trash can emblem symbolizes prohibition of disposing batteries in household rubbish.

Underneath this emblem you will find additional symbols which stand for:

Pb: battery contains lead

Cd: battery contains cadmium

Hg: battery contains mercury


According to Verpackungsverordnung (§6  Abs. 3 VerpackV) you may return all packaging pieces for disposal or recycling for free.


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