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Dr. Oetker German Cooking
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Dr. Oetker German Cooking

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Recipes for soups, meat, poultry,fish potatos of course and dessert are presentes in many different and delishious ways in this book on 304 pages. 250 colour picturs will cause your appetite to grow just by looking through the book
Germanys famous rich kitchen is well know in Europe and abroard.Step by step this book will guide you to create lovely starters, mains or desserts “German Style”.The times where German kitchen was limited to the preparation on sausages and Sauerkraut are long gone. Therfor the book Dr.Oetker “German Cooking today” is one of the best possibilities to convinve your hostfamily, your friends from the oppersite and finish off with this predjeduce.
It’s a fantastic evening event to cook together with your family or friends from this book and to enjoy the taste of fine Gernman cuisine later.
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