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German Beer Mug - Bavaria

Product number.: FD 02


The displayed mug can implicate up to 0,25 litres. Moreover it represents Bavarian culture and their passion of drinking beeer.


The offered mug is one of the selected mugs of a mangnificent range of products of our distributor. The mugs became famous because of tourism and the vast sales caused by many visitors and travellers. Furthermore the size of our offered mugs allows to transport it easily in suitcases. In addition to that the transport will be harmless, as the mugs are manufactured massively and encased of clothing.


Besides our mugs are purchased directly from a very traditional family business. All mugs are manufactured and painted lovingly in Germany and not imported from China. The seal of quality "Made in Germany" honors the product and justifies the higher price.



Price: 29,95 EUR
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